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Young Elias is caught in the crossfire when The Musketeers, three larger-than-life vigilantes, clash with the Russian Mob in a small-town bar.

I had a hand in producing and writing this exciting short. I also play the big and boisterous Porthos.

Directed by Adam Moses and Takaya Abdou Lloyd

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Don't F*ck With 

The Musketeers

Ready to Roll

Actual Play - Leveled up!

Ready to Roll is a fast-paced actual-play D&D web series that features live action combat and drama performed by professionals across the entertainment industry. 

I serve as producer for this epic D&D adventure!

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Ready to Roll

A darkly humorous satire, Graham Yamamoto's fate is intertwined with offbeat and inexperienced gangsters of the Yakuza, in his attempt to live a quiet life despite his adverse mixed-race heritage.​

I am honored to help produce this series with my good friend Takaya.

Written and Directed by Takaya Abdou Lloyd

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Frat Bros - Coming Soon!

Frat Bros aims to blend the raunchiness of a college fraternity house with the fast-paced dialogue of  shows like The West Wing. Watch these toxic (but lovable) boys on their journey to survive in a PC world.

A project of personal passion, I plan to write, direct, produce, and act!

Frat Bros

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